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 22.-26. Dez. | Online Concert

Carlie & Lukas Christmas Special

An online concert to share our Christmas joy with you!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Carlie and Lukas, here.

Over the past few weeks, while being home in another lockdown, we looked for a way to be able to share some of our favorite Christmas music. We decided to gather some of our favorite Christmas songs, write and work on arrangements, record them, and make them into (what we consider to be) a very nice little video.  We ultimately would like to share something that is as close to a Christmas concert as is currently possible. We know nothing can quite compare to a live performance, however, considering that live concerts are not possible right now,  we are very happy to create this video full of warmth and Christmas spirit- From our living room to yours! We sincerely hope it brings you a smile. 


All of our love and best wishes,


Carlie & Lukas



Watch our concert anytime from 22. Dez., 00:00 UTC+1 to 26. Dez., 23:59 UTC+1




Watch it online! Once you've ordered a ticket you'll receive a link and password that will direct you to our streaming page.

How this works...


We have chosen to offer tickets to our Christmas Special on a "pay what you can" scale. There are three different tickets available, as well as the possibility of an optional donation.

1. Click the Tickets button below.

2. Place your order and buy your ticket.

3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link and password.

4. Click the link and fill in the password.

5. Wait in exuberant anticipation staring at your computer screen until the 22nd of December.

6. Enjoy our concert.

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